Coliving is reinventing the way people live together in cities, with a simple concept :

colivme - independance


In coliving, share modern common spaces (e.g. fitness room, co‑working space, rooftop, cinema room, etc.), while keeping great independence in a fully furnished private space

colivme - experiences


Feel free to share activities (e.g. yoga sessions, meetups, cooking workshops, etc.) with others. Coliving offers a comfortable way of living - focusing on well‑being and respecting communal life

colivme - smart


For the same price, access a large range of collective services (house cleaning, concierge service, Netflix, fitness class, local producers, etc.) to make life easier! Coliving is also a sustainable way of living : share amenities, reduce waste and live in a sustainable place

colivme space

Lime Living

colivme space

Sun and Co.

colivme space


colivme space

My name is Bernard

Feedback you gave us (with IPSOS)


"All the advantages of flatsharing : meeting others, sharing, friendliness, eating together if you want to. Without the inconveniences : private life, private spaces, hassle free cleaning or arguing about the last box of pasta! 😂 "

- Christine, 32 y.o.


"I love the concept ❤️! I really would like to test the experience one day!"

- Emma, 26 y.o.


"I want to leave Paris and so, why not. It would allow me to get to know new people and try a new life experience! The idea is pleasant. No doubt I would give it a shot to get an opinion 😊 "

- Antoine, 27 y.o.