Are you a coliving operator ? Do you need to speed up your business?

Colivme accompanies you in growing your business and can put you in touch with all BNP Paribas Real Estate business lines


ColivMe allows coliving operators to gain visibility in a 100% coliving marketplace which includes all the european coliving spaces. Thanks to our expertise, we help businesses with their branding, especially in creating and integrating a virtual tour of their coliving spaces (rooms and shared areas), as well as their communication through our network

#Easy Onboarding

At ColivMe, we propose qualified future colivers to coliving operators, who match their coliving space's mindset.

#Accelarating Your Development

Thanks to our network of Real Estate experts, we advise coliving operators to find new coliving spaces or real estate investors.

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BNP Paribas Real Estate offers a complete and unique service adapted to coliving to assist coliving operators in the success of their real estate projects, locally and internationally
Services we provide according to your needs.

Looking for new coliving spaces to operate ?

New building

Leader in the promotion of corporate real estate and a major player in real estate housing in France, we support you and integrate you into our new real estate projects.


Looking for new coliving spaces to operate ?

Existing and old building

Leader of transactions in real estate business in France and strongly present in Europe, we offer quality support for the acquisition, sale or lease of your future coliving space.


Need renovation work done to open your new coliving space ?

A dedicated team which assists you in your various tasks with the provision of a dedicated project team.


Looking for real estate investors for your project?

Our Investment Management team offers a range of real estate investment funds.

Contact us now to customize your coliving project and speed up your real estate development